Dramatic Foolery
Foolish Solos

Help! Help! I Know This Title is Long,But Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me!
The other performers in the All Star Variety Show have been murdered. Luckily, a dramatic fool will attempt to perform their acts while avoiding his own demise.

With the help of three razor-sharp machetes, a bottle of tequila, and two dozen severed hands, Drew takes on the roles of juggler, magician, musician, dancer, balancer, spinner, and puppeteer. A tribute to eccentric variety performers as well as a comedic study of personal stagefright.

The Psychology of Clumsiness
Intellectual slapstick, object puppetry, magic, brain surgery, and gratuitous juggling are combined to present an inept eccentric who dreams he steps on a banana peel and causes the end of the world. By fighting his own brain, he attempts to save humanity and defeat his inner klutz.

Harley Keno (Wakes Up)
A shy performer summons the mask of hungry, horny Harley Keno (a.k.a. Harlequin / Arlequin / Arlecchino) to reenact his life. An autobiographical Commedia about rejection, protest, and selling out.

The Drum Solo
Drew's first clown play features suicidal clowning and a split personality in an exploration of life, death, and doughnuts.

The Cup Dive!
In which our hero will attempt to dive headfirst into a cup of water... eventually.

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