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UMO Ensemble

Adam Gertsacov: a fool like me. Someday you may be lucky enough to see his flea circus.
Leo Bassi's CyberCus, The InterNet Circus
An internet circus presented by one of the world's most innovative street/stage/circus performers. Site hasn't been updated in a while.
See also LeoBassi.com
Web home of a fantastically eccentric doctor/clown (Patch Adams) who's building a free hospital in West Virginia. I hear there's a movie, too.

Hello, Harold Lloyd
Juha's Buster Keaton Page
Mugshots—Forgotten Silent Comics
Includes info about Charley Bowers, who mixed Buster Keaton style comedy with stop-motion animation.

Juggling Information Service

Theatre Central
The Puppetry Home Page
Creativity Home Page
The Big Stinkin' Improv Festival
I taught a workshop at the first one.
Vaudeville Memories

Welcome to Magic for Socialism
A socialist magician explains his style. Reminded me of a gospel magic show I once saw. Check out his script for Brecht on Magic.
The Bananarchist's CookBook - How to make bombs and weapons out of bananas
Guerrilla Surrealism Case Study Number 1

The Famous Brothers
They said they'd beat me up if I didn't link to them.
Sons of the Never Wrong

Creative and playful singer songwriters from Chicago.
ISHK Book Service
U.S. distributor of OCTAGON PRESS, featuring the works of Idries Shah, which include tales about the incomparable wise fool, Mulla Nasrudin. See whyThe Saturday Review called Shah's books, "...the most interesting books in the English language."
The Ohio University Post Home Page
Daniel Keyes Homepage/Algernon's Pad
Best known for Flowers for Algernon, he was my fiction writing teacher in college.

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